I’ve found myself avoiding resolutions this new year. They feel so separate from the actualities of daily life and just plain not fun. Instead, I’m focusing on creating moments that are enjoyable to replicate. I’m intentionally inserting joy in the form of rituals.

The beauty of a ritual is that it’s positive, unlike resolutions that often involve planned deprivation.

Your resolution to ritual formula

It’s easy to build rituals from your well-intentioned resolutions. It involves reframing and a little magic from creative thinking. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Write down your resolution.

Light has almost invisible effects on your life. While you’ve likely grown up under the glow of artificial light, it hasn’t even been common in households for an entire century. Having light so cheaply available to us after dark is a newer phenomenon in human history.

Our anciently-developed bodies have not yet evolved to adapt to the circadian rhythm disruption brought on through electric lighting (documented through the dramatic adverse health effects of shift work).

This has certainly been true for me. I’ve gone through periods where I’m susceptible to light sensitivity (mostly artificial light, I have slowly readapted over…

“Wherever there are trees, we are healthier and happier”
- Dr. Qing Li

It’s an odd feeling when we begin to miss something before it’s even gone. That moment when you realize it won’t last forever, or much longer at all.

The fear begins to creep in, and you want to hold onto it. But then your grasping ruins the magic, so you then attempt to let go.

It’s reminiscent of the feelings of culture shock; once you realize you’re in it, the adventure starts right away, ready or not. …

Use these tips to help you find the energy to pick up your creative projects.

“If you’ve lost focus, just sit down and be still. Take the idea and rock it to and fro. Keep some of it and throw some away, and it will renew itself. You need do no more.”

–Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Energy can feel nebulous even during the best of times. Are you finding yourself in a significant adjustment period? You’re learning to cope with managing unexpected transitions right now. It’s normal to need to recalibrate. …

How to begin a heart-led habit that can nourish your entire life.

starting your creative expression habit
starting your creative expression habit

“Attention is the beginning of devotion.”
-Mary Oliver

How are you feeling? Right now. At this moment.

Take your time, sense how your body is feeling. Tune in.

  • How is your head feeling? Peer into the middle of your head, the very center.

Meditation, like this one, offers groundedness with little effort. You drop into presence and get a sense of spaciousness that you can carry with you into your practice.

That space…

Tina Vaughn

Artist, spiritual thinker and perpetual hobby collector. Here to help you find your voice through mindful self-expression and self-care. http://habitrefresh.com

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